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Asteroid Mining Corporation was founded by Mitch Hunter-Scullion in 2016 with the intention of mining the abundant resources found beyond Earth in the millions of small bodies throughout our Solar System.


This vision defines who we are and serves as a north star to guide our progress. Our goal is to become the world's first profitable space resources business - we are commercialising our robotic technology for both terrestrial and space applications, with the intention of being profitable long before we get to an asteroid. All projects we undertake are done so as part of this journey to the asteroids.

Meet The Team


Mitch Hunter-Scullion

CEO & Founder

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Pioneering extraterrestrial economist, broadcaster and registered political lobbyist for the space mining industry. Member of The Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group.

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Prof. Mickaël Laîné

Chief Robotics Engineer

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Assistant Professor, Space Robotics Lab, Tohoku University.

PhD Space Exploration Robotics from Tohoku University, MEng Mechanical Engineering from Sorbonne Université de Paris IV.


Subham Gupta


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Forbes 30 under 30 | CEO & Founder at Space Resources Laboratory | Endorsed as Exceptional Talent by Royal Academy of Engineering | Worked on several space projects | Authored several research papers on Satellite structures and Astrodynamics.


Andrey Lopantsev

Chief Strategy Officer

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Futurist with an eye for possibilities. Former Team Lead on MVA Lunar Commerce Portfolio (Lunar Agriculture) 


Elijah Puscas

Chief Investment Officer

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Tech-savvy astronomy nut with 7 years experience in the City of London cryptosphere.

Country Manager, Binance Romania.


Wes Faires

Head of American Operations

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Director, Space Rights, LLC and Private Sector Advocate for off-planet property interest to UNCOPUOS Legal Subcommittee, Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group.


Joel Burkin


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Exploration geologist and strategic resource analyst, formerly of the British and Western Australian Geological Surveys.


Dr. Daniel Niblet

Material Processing Lead

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EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow researching multiphase flow and transport in fuel cell porous layers and gas channels.


Marc-Lorenz Döhmer


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Roboticist deeply passionate about people, business and earth.

MSc. Autonomous Systems with a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Board of Advisors

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Prof. Kazuya Yoshida

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Full Professor and Head of the Space Robotics Laboratory at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Tohoku University

Previously Visiting Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Formerly CTO of iSpace Inc.

Principle Investigator of the SCAR-E Project

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Prof. Rossana Deplano

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Associate Professor in Law at the University of Leicester specialising in public international law, including international space law and United Nations law.

Co-Director; Centre for European Law & Internationalisation (CELI)

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Bob Morris

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Engineer and manager experienced in all aspects of spacecraft and ground station development from design through to production and launch.


Chairman of the Northern Space Consortium, Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, former ESA astronaut candidate


Dr. Ekaterina Ivanova

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Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at QMUL  

Formerly Research Associate in the Human Robotics Group at Imperial College London


Alexander De Meyer

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Former CEO of Alvarium Investments

Founder, Prostar Capital

Legal Counsel to Deutsche Land Group PLC

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